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HP Printer Design Features

The best sellers in the market are the HP Printers. These printers have the ability to perform more effectively. The intense of using HP Printers are considered to be valuable. Users afford this printer and perform their functions eventually as these printers provide its users some valuable stuffs. Introducing printer with some new techniques and technologies, have increased its demand in the market. Let us see the different printer models that are trending in the market and try to know more about the setup and performances.

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  • Printer setup features can be performed only when yu install the setup and proceed further. To install your printer setup for the first time, make use of these steps on installing the printer setup.

    • Drag your printer from the printer packing.
    • Place the printer in a place of access.
    • Connect the power cord to the rear of the printer.
    • Now connect the other end of the printer to the power source.
    • Turn ON your printer setup and make preferences to your printer.
    • You will have to enter the country and region on your printer.
    • When prompted enter the date and time.
    • Once you complete the initializations, hit the Home button.
  • Driver Install

  • Once you install the setup, you may also connect your printer to your computer. This is done in order to take access of your printer from anywhere. To perform this act you need to install the driver software to your computer.

    • Look out for the driver software disc that is provided with your printer.
    • Insert the disc to your computer drive.
    • Right click on the disc drive and select the administrative RUN.
    • Install the setup to your computer.
    • Once the installation is done you will find the printer’s icon on your desktop.
    • In case, if you find that the disc is not able to install or the software is outdated.
    • You can even download the driver from

Printing Solutions

HP Printers offer various new printing techniques to perform printing and other actions on your printer.

  • HP ePrint Service

    HP has introduced ePrint service in its latest printers. The technique is to promote printing with an ease. That is you can make use of your active mail service to perform this action. And there is no need to have any direct access with your printer.

  • AirPrint Service

    You can even connect your printer to a Apple iOS device and start to print your documents. Initially it was hard to install the driver setup to a Mac iOS Device. Now it is possible to connect any of Mac device and get started.

  • Google Cloud Option

    This service allows you to print from your web connected device. Google cloud print can direct print jobs between computer, smartphones or tablet and transmits them to an internet active printer. This service allows user to discover printer and print from personal devices.

Copy Documents:

Once you are installed and ready to access your printer, you can perform the functions like print, copy, scan and share. To perform this action you need to know more about your printer. Make use of the printer setup guide or the printer’s manual and perform the action.

How to perform copy option?

  • To copy a document open the upper lid of your printer.
  • Place the document on the right corner of the scanner glass.
  • Close the lid.
  • Now select the copy option on your printer control panel.
  • Finally hit the copy option to proceed with copying the document.

Printing Documents:

Now print your documents easily with your HP printer. The important aspect of the printer is the printing option. you can install the printer and proceed with printing. To print your document, follow these steps,

  • Place a document on the scanner glass or select the saved document to print.
  • Select the print option.
  • You could find printing related options on the print tab.
  • Make preference to your print job.
  • Select the number of copies you want to print.
  • Select the type of print either black or color.
  • Finally, Hit the print button to get your document printed.

Web Sharing Service:

HP Printer has introduced a new technique of web sharing. This technique is introduced to make the HP Printer as an all-in-one printer. You need not move place to place to perform different functions. Your printer provides it all. Make use of your printer setup to perform all the functions.

Purpose of WebSharing Services:

  • Web sharing is nothing but sharing your documents through your printer with the help of active internet connection.
  • Install your setup and perform all your printer functions.
  • You can even install your printer driver software to perform the function.
  • Once you have installed you can scan the document and share them through active network connections.
  • For example, if you are scanning a document through your printer setup.
  • Once the scan is completed your document gets saved.
  • Now click the document and share it through web services using your printer.

There are some more features such as the Fax option. using the Fax setup you can share your print documents up to  10 recipients at the same time and save on time and energy. You can also use the printer’s wireless option to perform sharing functions. Install the setup and perform this functions. To get connected to a wireless setup, you need to have an 802.11b/g/n network router and install the credentials to login to your network and share your documents.


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